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How to Protect Yourself From Drinking Water

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How to Protect Yourself From Drinking Water

There once was a time when people of all ages drank their water from the tap, probably because there were no other options. Bottled water did not exist, and these people would probably have had a good laugh at the very thought of paying for their drinking water The city water was good enough for them, so they thought.

Little did they know what was in the water Had they known of the chemicals, toxic minerals, and also the micro-organisms that this water contained, I’m not sure what would have happened! There was no other alternative to tap water so they really didn’t have much choice if they wanted to enjoy a cold glass of sparkling water.

Back in the 1950s, our water suppliers were using chemicals to improve the taste and appearance of our water. The wrong type of chemicals! They removed unwanted chemicals, but also they didn’t remove them correctly- they had removed too many of the natural minerals our bodies need in order to function properly. The undomesticated water was safe enough to drink, so our suppliers assured us that it was good enough for us as long as we drank it from the tap.

Little did we know what was in the water Had we known of the chemicals, toxic minerals, and also the micro-organisms that this water contains? These have damaging effects on our health and they are especially dangerous for small children and the elderly. The elderly and the sick would have to get more creative for drinking water.

The good news is that there From are ways which you can protect yourself and your family from drinking water that may be dangerous for you.

It requires a little bit of due diligence and discernment on your part to find the right water suppliers.iated.govfor kidneys protection and viewed various websites who are in the business of offering pure water. One of the biggest drawbacks toiated water suppliers are that they get in business offering “stuff” that doesn’t come from a pure water source. They also don’t have the reputation of being trustworthy. Leaves and other pollutants from cars, factories, and trucks contaminate our ground and they come in every shape and form.


One of the biggest things to look for is the menu of companies that sell unpasteurized water. Most of these suppliers may claim that their water is “pure” but their products have been sitting in storage for a number of days. You will definitely pay more for pure product. สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

Unpasteurized milk may be a little harder to find, From but it is still possible to find it. The unpasteurized milk can be bought either from grocery stores directly or from a doctor or neighbor who sells it. You must be sure that milk is not loaded with anything. Distilled water and spring water are also safe.

One option for boys is to give them organic milk. This will allow From them to continue with their milk habits until they grow up. It also gives them a healthy supply of calcium and other nutrients that they need.

For girls, organic milk is also a good option. This type of milk is not injected with hormones or antibiotics. The hormones in milk may create unhealthy effects on the breasts in particular.

Another great idea for boys is to buy bottled water. This variety of water will always have the potential of containing the impurities from any municipal water company. Boys may want to go From this route because they feel it is better for their health. They also pay less interest on their tuition because From school appointed doctors may not feel bound by fees as much as their male students.

Before you feel pressure to make this change, remind them that you trust their water to be safe. Demand that they see tasting menus prior to deciding on which water is offered to their families. From Finally, explain that you will be happy to pay more for cleaner water.