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Julien Lamoection – A Guide in Flying and Viewing

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Julien Lamoection – A Guide in Flying and Viewing

My vacation is undoubtedly summertime. There’s nothing I hate worse than going in the woods and seeing nothing but flipping through a few magazines and a few for Barnes and Noble. I simply want to be out, basking in a hot summer sun. Apart from planning what lodging should be at reserve in Alaska, I want to be able to explore the wilds by flying. Specifically I wish to go Alaska Aikido. The main attraction of this martial art remaining unknown for many years is obvious: there’s just something about the very idea of combining actual live practice of Aikido, with turning the very real scenery around you into an imaginary scene.

In actual fact there have been some instructors who have formalized the study of Aikido in the West. Among them the most notable is probably Gino Dos Santos, who, as a student of Mr. Mas Oyama, one of the “Great Masters”, spent some time in Alaska in the early 1940s. He is easily accessible via the Internet and his books are quite useful. Another author, who I’ve known for a long time, appeared in the last few months, A. R. Laursen. His book ” Prevention of Violence ” is a standard work on Aikido.

In theory, Aikido could be a collection of very practical techniques. In the 1960s, Ken’ichi Tomita, 4th Dan at Shodokan, became famous as a teacher of Aikido, and Renshi Komeshiba, who nowadays lives in the UK, became famous as a “master”. It is difficult to state the value of Renshi Komeshiba from the viewpoint of most Aikido-professionals. For objective reasons I do not think it possible to consider him a senior teacher, as the only way to prefer them is to accept that, in all probability, he had never really “been there”. It is not necessary to become a master of Aikido. It is sufficient to have knowledge of its most useful techniques.


Contrary to the belief of the followers of Gankaku-ryu, Tomita is not the head of the organization because he is not officially recognized as such. These followers consider him to be the founder and the original sponsor of the development of Aikido in the West.

The most significant challenge in the field of Aikido today is the lack of teachers who can present the basics correctly.

Your teachers are trained and experienced professionals and sometimes magicians. If they can do little in a basic training course you can expect nothing. Will you get good at the basics? The very reason for this statement is the fact that when the real thing comes you will have to prove yourself.

Everything else will depend on you – you alone, your perseverance and your spirit.

Real world training is far more effective than an average practical class. Only those who are well prepared will be able to do the incredible work of advanced work. สล็อตเว็บตรง

When all is said and done, Aikido has a lot of positive qualities and we can mention just a few. You’ll have to work on your emotional control, but it’s very good in controlling yours. Control of the body is a factor in all these areas and especially in self defense.

All correct training must be done with the idea of doing it right, not just doing it. What comes right out of the dojo is what you get when you’re in the real situation of violence.

If you make no mistakes in training there is no need for hasty decisions. Aikido courses provide weapons for all times of need and the only requirement is a passivity regarding the threat.